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The Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders has become a major economic event in the Mediterranean region and is now a unique platform for the exchange of experiences and debates in favor of the Euro-Mediterranean’s promotion and integration. This year, the 9th edition of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders, entitled “Together, going further”, will be focusing on key aspects for the economic development of our region.


- ASCAME and the Centre for the Co-operation in the Mediterranean will issue a joint statement in favor of refugees in the framework of the MedaWeek 2015. Click here with the aim of raising money to help refugees


20+20 Declaration

Mediterranean and European Private Sector Meeting

Barcelona, 25th of November 2015

This year, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Barcelona Process, ASCAME will organize the Mediterranean and European Private Sector Meeting, bringing together the main key actors of the Mediterranean, European and Arab private sector, in order to support 20 strategic economic initiatives set out in the 20+20 Declaration.


12th North Africa Business Development Forum|NABDF

Barcelona, 25th November 2015

The 12th NABDF aims at creating a sustainable development model for the region based on a transparent and efficient administration, as well as a more open and dynamic business environment and concrete improvements in the quality of life of the citizens.

1st Mediterranean Hotels Forum

Barcelona, 26th November 2015

The Mediterranean region is today the major world tourist destination, with approximately 50% of total world arrivals. A well-managed hospitality industry is a great opportunity for the region but its development has to couple with many challenges.

7th Mediterranean City Forum

Barcelona, 26th November 2015

Cities are the engine of economic growth. As a nation’s primary source of job creation and wealth generation, cities produce goods and provide services, which strengthen the economic opportunities for the entire country.

2nd Mediterranean Solar Forum

Barcelona, 26th November 2015

The Mediterranean Solar Forum will bring together governments, international organizations, project promoters and private investors, in order to reflect upon and discuss the challenges and opportunities that solar energy represents for the Mediterranean.

1st Mediterranean Automotive Summit

Barcelona, 26th November 2015

ASCAME is launching the annual summit of investment in the automotive and feeding industries to discuss the incentivisation of the sector, the expansion capacity to manufacture, export, and create jobs, and the jumpstarting of the market.

7th Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum

Barcelona, 27th November 2015

Countries and companies can be competitive only if they develop, attract and retain the best talents, both male and female. How can women empowerment contribute to economic growth?

3rd Mediterranean Islamic Finance Forum

Barcelona, 27th November 2015

The 3rd Edition will play a key role in building bridges for capital flows between Europe, the Middle East and beyond, with Islamic finance as a key catalyst for further economic development and boosting investment levels.


Others Events

AFAEMME General Assembly

Barcelona, 27th of November 2015

In the framework of the 9th Edition of the Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders, the 2015 AFAEMME General Assembly will take place on Friday 27th November 2015.

EUROMED Invest Academy Barcelona

Barcelona, 24th and 25th of November 2015

The Academy of Barcelona “Barcelona Declaration+20: Trade and Investment for a Mediterranean of shared prosperity” is a large capacity building and networking event which will be held over 2 days during the IX Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders.

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