New Economy for the Mediterranean Region

Thursday, 22nd November

Casa Llotja de Mar | Barcelona

An important but often overlooked driver is the enabling roles that technology, Innovation, entrepreneurship and the private sector can play in boosting inclusive prosperity across the Mediterranean region. The convergence of these three areas raises some key issues to consider and an alternative narrative that is shaping the Mediterranean.

Governments, business leaders can play an important role in initially funding new ventures and the investment vehicles that launch them, rather than using the current model of massive public employment programs. The problem with some Mediterranean governments is that they focus on job creation, not company creation. The by-product of successful and growing companies is jobs.

The Mediterranean region will have to create hundreds of millions of new jobs over the next three decades. This challenge presents an opportunity for the region to transform its economies and harness both, the creativity of its large youth population and the disruptive power of technology.

We live in a time of discoveries where science, technologies and innovations are key to progress and development. In order for our region to achieve progress and prosperity, we need to ensure better standards of education and provide access to technical expertise in order to encourage innovation.

Ascame in partnership with more associations of the sectors will bring together policymakers, entrepreneurs and academics from the region and beyond for a series of far reaching discussions on what it will take for Meda Innovation and Digital Summit to seize this opportunity.

The Meda Innovation and Digital Summit will serve as a platform for international and regional companies, start-ups, innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors to display their innovations and inventions, discuss various topics and establish business relationships that ultimately will enrich the economy. In addition, it aims at becoming the Mediterranean’s largest gathering of innovations and innovators.

The event, which will be held within the framework of the MedaWeek Barcelona, will attract hundreds
of participants each year and will be composed of four forums:

1. Mediterranean Start-up & Entrepreneurship Forum
2. Mediterranean Digital & Technology Forum
3. Mediterranean Innovation Forum
4. Finance & Development Innovation Meeting

Join us at the Meda Innovation & Digital Summit get to know the new trends, find inspiration, and most importantly: do great business!

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Thursday, 22nd November

Morning Session

10:45 – 12:45 Mediterranean Innovation Forum

The Mediterranean, a region of strategic trade routes for a long time, has become an international hub of human capital movement by creating rich soil for innovative ideas to spring. For decades, enterprises have enjoyed access to a mix of international and local talent. When e-commerce emerged as a way to buy and sell products and services online, it transformed day-to-day life.

This forum was created to:

  • Serve as a platform for international and regional companies, start-ups, innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to showcase their innovations & inventions, discuss various topics and establish business relationships that will ultimately enrich the economy.
  • Provide an outlook at the latest trends and connect key stakeholders from across the continent through keynotes, breakout sessions and networking events.
  • Be a central meeting place for leading innovators, breakthrough ideas and technologies that will transform society and the economy.

Meda Innovation Forum is the must attend event for industry solution providers to engage with clients, government partners and to develop future business prospects in the region.

Welcome Words: Ayhan Kızıltan, President, Mersin Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President, Innovation and ICT
Working Commission of ASCAME

Moderator: Mrs. Mª Carmen Margelí, Head of International Development, Eurecat

Speakers :
Mr. Ramy Boujawdeh, Deputy General Manager, Berytech
Mr. Abdul Malik Al Jaber, Founder and Chairman, Arabreneur
Mr. Murat Erten, General Manager, Izmir Techno Park
Mr. Fadi Mikati, Co-Founder and President, Tripoli Entrepreneurs Club
Mr. Joan Parra, Technological Partner DFactory, Executive Vice-President, Leitat

First Comments:
Mr. Emmanuel Noutary, General Delegate, ANIMA Investment Network
Mr. Jose Manuel Duran, North Africa and Middle East Delegate, CDTI
Mr. Rachid El Mrabet, Innovation Manager, Institute Research Energy Solaire et Energies Nouvelles
Mr. Faissal Khdiri, General Manager, Business Development EMEA, M2M Group

For more information, download the forum programme below.

Thursday, 22nd November

12:45 – 14:30 Mediterranean Digital &Technology Forum

Digital Transformation in the Mediterranean – Opportunities & Challenges

The digital agenda plays a key role in driving economic growth globally and in the Mediterranean region. Moreover, it contributes to the region’s increased interest in adopting new technologies to make human and capital assets more productive.

The forum will display:

  • The Mediterranean’s most advanced technologies and digital ecosystems.
  • An unrivalled insight, networking and business opportunities for Mediterranean, European and international tech leaders and investors who want to drive growth in the Mediterranean region.
  • The latest trends and connect key stakeholders from across the continent through keynotes, breakout sessions and networking events.

Meda Digital and Tech Forum will explore the complexities of the digital transformation journey, taking an in-depth look into strategy and business model changes, cultural and organizational challenges, the technology underpinning the transformation and ways to monetize this new reality

Moderator: Mr. Joan Guasch, Senior Area Manager – Public Programmes Area, Eurecat

Mrs. Mª Helena de Felipe, President, AFAEMME
Mrs. Ghinwa Jalloul, President/CEO, Technology sarl
Mr. Hakam Kanafani, Chairman, Arab Advisors Group
Mr. Luis Badrinas, CEO, Barcelona Health Hub
Mr. Sisco Sapena, President & CEO,

First Comments:
Mrs. Elif Coskunkan, Managing Partner, Etohum & ‘Startup Turkey’
Mrs. Conchi Garcia, Co-founder & CEO, Club Ecommerce
Mr. Youssef El Alaoui, Vice-President General, Apebi, Morocco

For more information, download the forum programme below.

Afternoon Session

Thursday, 22nd November

15:30 – 17:30 Mediterranean Start-up & Entrepreneurship Forum

How to establish the Mediterranean region as an international start-up hub?

The startup and entrepreneurship culture is an encouraging development, but turning the trend into the norm could bring a series of challenges and policy questions for business, government and civil society to address.

The forum will provide:

  • An opportunity for Mediterranean start-ups and entrepreneurs to display themselves to investors and the press.
  • Access to seasoned entrepreneurs, investors and experts from the eastern shores of the Mediterranean to share experiences, insights, techniques, methods, and know-how dishing out how-toss for newcomers, dos-and-don’ts for the up and coming as well as inspiration for the rest.

Meda Startup Forum will connect already successful companies with new establish companies, which deliver innovative ideas and new approaches.

ChairMr. Ahmed Osman, President, International Council for Small Business (ICSB)

Mrs. Roula Moussa, Managing Partner, Netways/ DiasporaID
Mrs. Aintzane Arbide, Technological Partner DFactory Incubator, Business Development Manager, Leitat
Mr. Stefano Bonfa, Owner & Manager, OxSDE
Mrs. Almudena Solera, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships & Business Development, Spain Start-up – South Summit
Mr. Vincent Ernoux, Coordinator, Branch Office for the Western Mediterranean, ENI CBCMED

First Comments:
Mrs. Burcu Tuncur, Team Leader, Networking and Partnerships, UN Environment MAP Regional Activity Centre for Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP/RAC)
Mr. Josep F. Valls, professor of Marketing Management, ESADE
Mr. Andre Abi Awad, Founder, Entreprenergy

For more information, download the forum programme below.

Thursday, 22nd November

17:30 – 19:00 Finance & Funds for the Mediterranean Entrepreneurship Meeting

The Mediterranean region in recent years has improved on funding access. Angel investment networks, venture capital funds and even several government-initiated funding programs have all come to the fore. As the region’s entrepreneurship ecosystem gradually frees up more capital for young and growing enterprises, need to take a more critical look at its entrepreneurs and investors’ specific needs to enhance investment conditions.

This meeting will provide:

  • A feature a wide range of perspectives from the frontlines of financial reform and the new “cashless” frontier as well as financing sources.
  • A platform for innovators to highlight the Mediterranean’s most advanced innovative services and technology shaping the future of different sectors.
  • Distinguished forward-thinkers and speakers the opportunity to share their knowledge in a wide range of discussions, interactions, and workshops in the halls throughout the duration of the event.
  • Unrivalled insight, networking and business opportunities, European and international tech leaders and investors who want to drive growth in the Mediterranean region.
  • An outlook at the latest trends, connect key stakeholders from across the continent through keynotes, breakout sessions and networking events.

This event is created to introduce a more critical assessment of funding conditions in the region’s ecosystem while also helping to highlight focus areas for improving these conditions.

Moderator: Mr. Ricard Garriga, CEO Trioteca, Co-founder & GP, Torret Road Capital

Mrs. Boutheina Ben Yaghlane, Director General, Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Tunisia
Mr. Hicham Iraqi Houssaini, Director General, Microsoft Morocco
Mr. Mohamed Azzam, Secretary general, Digital division, Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce
Mr. Zakaria Fahim, CEO, Hub Africa

First Comments :
Mr. Tamer Taha, Founder & CEO, Yomken
Mr. Adil Rzal, President, Association Marocaine des Investisseurs en Capital (AMIC)
Mr. Mathieu Carenzo, Director, IESE Entrepreneurship Center
Mr. Fadi Saab, Chairman, Trans Capital Finance, President, Integrity Values and Business Ethics Working Commission of ASCAME

For more information, download the meeting programme below.

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