7th Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum

7th Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum

Need for change

27th of November 2015. Casa Llotja de Mar, Barcelona

Countries and companies can be competitive only if they develop, attract and retain the best talents, both male and female. How can women empowerment contribute to economic growth?

There is a bi-directional relationship between economic development and women empowerment defined as improving the ability of women to access the constituents of development. While development itself will bring about women’s empowerment, empowering women will bring about changes in decision-making, which will have a direct impact on development.



08.30 Registration 
09.00 Welcome and opening session – Women & Entrepreneurship: a catalyst for growth
Chair: Stephanie HorelCollege of Europe

  • Najoua Attia, President of the Commission of Women Entrepreneurs of ASCAME
  • Rosanna Quagliariello, Representative of C.I.H.E.A.M. Instituto Agronomico Mediterraneo Bari
  • Hella Colleoni, member of the Italian Businesswomen Association from Turin, APID
  • Rim Siam, President of the business women / Egyptian Chamber of Commerce
  • Clara Gruitrooy, Managing Director, Euro-Mediterranean-Arab Association
10.15 Coffee break & Networking
10.45 Institutional session
DEBATE: How does ICTs and smart working benefit your business?

Enegyzing Glasswalking by Gemma Gasulla (MES DONA)

12.45 ROUND TABLE: Stimulating and enhancing the Women Entrepreneurs Ecosystem, the experience of Mediterranean businesswomen
Modérateur: Elisabeth Trallero, Congost Plastic S.A.

  • Flutura Xhabija, President, Albanian National, profess., businesswomen and crafts’ ass.(SHGPA)
  • Raoudha Ben Saber, President, Chambre Nationale des Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises (CNFCE)
  • Amany Asfour, President, Egyptian Business Women Association (EBWA)
  • Leila Karami, President, Lebanese Business Women Association (LBWA)
  • Franca Audisio, President, Ass. Donne Imprenditrici e Dirigenti di Azienda (AIDDA)
  • Candan Çilingiroglu, President, Association of Businesswomen in Izmir (IZIKAD)
  • Nicoletta Bertolone, President, Women at Work in Italy (W@WITALIA)
  • Doris S. Bonnici, President, Malta Association of Women in Business” (MAWB)
  • Asmaa Morine, President, Association Femmes Chefs d’Entreprises du Maroc (AFEM)
  • Shahrazad Magrabi, Director, Libyan Women Forum
  • Anastasia Savvidou, Vice-President, Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs (SEGE)
  • Carmen Planas, President, Confederation of Business Associations from the Balearic Islands

Presentation of the report “Women in the Mediterranean” (Esther Fouchier – FFEM)

Closing of the Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum
14.00 Lunch for speakers
15.00 AFAEMME’S ANNUAL MEETING (only members)
NB: The above programme is provisional and may be subjet to change due to the availability of speakers.