Unlocking the potential of Women Entrepreneurs

The Mediterranean Women Entrepreneur Forum, organized by ASCAME and AFAEMME with the collaboration of Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, is the largest entrepreneurial business for women gathering in the region. This event is designed to accelerate the growth of women-owned business through access to information, contacts and capital. This event is suitable for anyone in any stage of business, from those just getting started to those in business for decades as well as for those working individuals who want to explore their potential as entrepreneurship, there are resources and opportunities to grow and learn. We facilitate connections, provide innovative outlooks and offer resources for growth to clients and stakeholders.

Mediterranean Women Entrepreneurs Forum is an invitation-only strategic platform carefully curated for established and aspiring women entrepreneurs across MEDA region, powered by the profile sharing concept. It offers an exciting new platform, intended to empower women, women-led organizations and SMEs through significant insights. The event brings together proficient women entrepreneurs in the SME sector providing them with a zone to interact, network and share their thoughts. It will contemplate on various constraints existing in the path of female entrepreneurship including access to capital, finding the perfect mentor, understanding the regulatory and legal landscape, etc

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