Cross-border Cooperation Projects represent an extensive and useful instrument in terms of Neighbourhood Policy when it comes to building bridges and strengthening existing ones in the Mediterranean Region. International Cooperation Projects enhance and embrace relationships between MED countries and organisations to work on top priorities for the wellbeing of the region that other ways would be very difficult when relaying only on the private sector. More so, because these projects mobilize millions of euros and set the path to continue to develop such transversal priorities for a more prosperous future for all the Mediterranean citizens based on green, blue and digital economy

Several ASCAME members are involved in Euro-Mediterranean cooperation projects as they add strong value to the consortiums through their unique set of expertise and extensive networks in the MED region’s private sector. Proof of that pledge is the active participation of our members in recently approved projects. All of these projects aim to serve as an instrument to tackle important elements on economic activation, green economy, energy efficiency, cultural heritage, innovation, investment, and technology. They offer great opportunities to take action towards the recovery of the region and to establish synergies with other members and networks of stakeholders.

Among others, ASCAME’s members are actively involved in numerous projects as CRE@CTIVE (Innovation for bringing creativity to activate traditional sectors in MED area), GREENLAND (green-skills for sustainable development), HELIOS (high energy efficiency for the public stock buildings in the Mediterranean), iHERITAGE (ICT Mediterranean platform for UNESCO cultural heritage), INTECMED (incubators for innovation and technological transfer in the Mediterranean), INVESTMED (innovative sustainable start-ups for the Mediterranean), TECLOG (technological transfer for logistics innovation in Mediterranean area), ORGANIC ECOSYSTEM (Boosting cross border Organic Ecosystem through enhancing agrifood  alliances), MEDUSA (Development and promotion of Mediterranean sustainable adventure tourism), EBSOMED (Enhancing Business Support Organisations and Business networks in the Southern Neighbourhood), BLUE GROWTH COMMUNITY (Capitalisation and Communication project for Blue Economy innovation in the Mediterranean),  MAIA TAQA (Mobilising new areas of Investments and together aiming to increase Quality of life for all).

This session aims to put in evidence this great potentiality to the service of ASCAME members network and bring together some representatives of these projects, which work aligned with strategic key sectors and cross-cutting issues that the Mediterranean Association considers essential for the economic recovery of the region. The sectors are innovation, sustainability, blue economy, agrifood, tourism, green SMEs, and business alliances.

During this session, speakers will present these initiatives in first person and how they can contribute to the recovery of the Mediterranean main sectors in the post-pandemic scenario. In addition, this panel is a great opportunity to get inspired and benefit from the hundreds of actions that are going to be carried out in this line from now to 2023. There is no question, that this session will be very practical and will cover and unveil very important initiatives that have a great potential to boost the economic recovery of the Mediterranean region.

19th November 2020

17.30 - 19.00

International Projects

The potential of ASCAME’s network projects in the post COVID economic recovery

A. Digital Economy: creating new processes, creating new opportunities

  • Digital future to create new opportunities for people, companies and governments.
  • Research and innovation to benefit SMEs
  • Financing programmes for business digitalisation, understanding the challenges in the digital economy and turning them into opportunities
  • Strategic actions to enhance cross-border SMEs and start-ups ecosystem and scalability
  • The digital potential and new opportunities for the Mediterranean for SMEs and institutions
  • Taking the steps towards a Mediterranean Digital & Innovation Hub

B. Green Economy: rethinking the Mediterranean through sustainable growth

  • Promoting the creation of resource efficient and climate resistant economies
  • Initiatives and Programmes to support green SMEs
  • Opportunities for innovation and improvement
  • Regional and Transnational working model for sustainable innovation in SMEs
  • MED Regional Labs for Sustainable Innovation with functionalities of Collaborative Virtual Environments

C. Blue Economy: the blue boost to the Mediterranean economy

  • Collaboration of business communities related to the regional maritime sector
  • Opportunities for investment in the Blue Economy
  • Crowdfunding initiatives to MED blue SMEs
  • Blue Economy Intra-thematic activities


Dr. Alaa Ezz

Secretary General, Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (CEEBA), Egypt


Víctor Soria

CreaInnovation Project Manager, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Barcelona, Spain

Carmen Ayllon

Director Transnational Projects, The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Spain, Spain

Said R. Gedeon

Deputy General Manager, Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Zahle and Bekaa, Lebanon

Marco Cunetto

International Cooperation Manager, BUSINESSMED, Tunisia

Konstantinos C. Giotopoulos

Director EU projects, Achaia Chamber of Commerce, Greece

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