17th November 2022 16:30 – 17:00

Investments in Cybersecurity Hot Seat Talk

The rapid digital transformation of our economies generates, with the surge in data volumes, a rising need for trust and security. Investments in cybersecurity are vital to safeguarding the potential development of the digital economy.

Companies and institutions such as Chambers of Commerce are increasingly protected through solid cyber-defence policies and cybersecurity best practices. However, despite growing awareness of cyber threats, the use of secure networks, servers and platforms, even among public administrations, is still too low across the region, demonstrating a vulnerability of national information and administration systems and, consequently, of the states themselves.

The lack of sound government policies and regulations on cybersecurity also limits the region’s capacity to deal with the high and growing rate of cyberthreats. To facilitate the achievement of the Mediterranean’s development aspirations,  mproving cybersecurity should be considered as important as building a digital economy.

Most Mediterranean countries require technical assistance to develop national investment frameworks that help protect and safeguard digital infrastructure and data from cyber threats and provide a safe and secure online environment to all users.

International and regional organisations are promoting instruments and mechanisms to help and assist countries in the region, such as: the European Commission, which will implement the principles of the toolbox in all its external financing, both directly and through international financial institutions (IFIs), and the European Union’s 5G, thus promoting the adoption of best practices in its  evelopment activities.

Key words

Digital transformation, data volumes, safeguarding,
cyber-defence, secure servers, best practices, regulations, investment, frameworks, international finacial institutions, assistance toolboxes, 5G

Nicola Jackman

Geneva Business School CEO Spanish Campuses

Zouheir Lakhdissi

CEO Africa and CTO, KLAIM.AI

Salvador Illa

Ministry of Health, Government of Spain (Special Guest Speaker)

Enric Mayolas

Consulting Director, World Health Management (Moderator)

Gonzalo Fanjul

Policy Director, Institut Salut Global

Chakib Abouzaid

Secretary General, General Arab Insurance Federation

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