MedaWeek Barcelona 2019

The MedaWeek Barcelona (Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders) is nowadays the iconic conference dedicated to promoting the Mediterranean region worldwide. This event endorses the key economic sectors and the cultural values of this region through a wide variety of forums. MedaWeek Barcelona serves as the main meeting point for voicing the interests of the private sector in the socio-economic development of the Mediterranean countries.

Since its debut in 2006, MedaWeek Barcelona has been jointly organized by the Association of the Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and the Industry (ASCAME) and the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation, with the collaboration of prominent Euro-Mediterranean organizations.

Over the last twelve editions, more than 20,000 businessmen and businesswomen have participated in the MedaWeek Barcelona.

MedaWeek Barcelona is the Mediterranean event par excellence

Following a decade of international appraise, MedaWeek Barcelona has become the reference point in the Mediterranean for economic and political dialogue, voicing the interests of the private sector and high level policy-makers in the region and the World. A dynamic platform for the promotion of the Mediterranean in the world, of a strong Euro-Mediterranean alliance and regional economic intégration.

Ahmed M. El Wakil

President, ASCAME

MedaWeek Barcelona is a must-attend event for businesses, corporations, governments and multilateral organizations from the Mediterranean basin and abroad.

With over a decade of success, the MedaWeek Barcelona continues to provide a strong and dynamic platform for the promotion of the Mediterranean economic integration.

A new dawn for the Mediterranean

During these three days (November 20th, 21st and 22nd), the MedaWeek Barcelona will host numerous key thematic and sectorial fora. In past editions, this important event counted with more than 35 thematics fora, 600 working sessions, 1,800 prominent speakers, welcomed over 20,000 attendees from all over the world and obtained coverage from more than 80 media outlets. These included entrepreneurs and representatives of the private sector, business support organisations such as chambers of commerce and promotion agencies, political authorities, and international coverage from a number of local and foreign media agencies. Altogether, the MedaWeek Barcelona saw the participation from over 45 countries across the globe and this year’s edition will be no exception.

The 13th edition of the MedaWeek Barcelona, as in its previous editions, will bring many trending topics on the table and serve as the flagship Mediterranean entrepreneurial-economic platform for the entire world. This year’s edition aims to cover three main objectives as a central axis:

thematics fora

prominent speakers

working sessions


  • Underline the importance of the African continent’s role for the Mediterranean;
  • Propose alternative systems to the Western banking system for the countries of the “MEDA” region;
  • Align the sustainable development needs of the Mediterranean area with the United Nation’s SDGs.

Medaweek Barcelona 2019 will start with the Forum on Business Development in Africa, which will advance the trilateral Europe-Africa-Asia Cooperation Agenda for the coming years in a context of political transition, listing the latest regional transformations, the key involvement of regional economic actors and the new horizons for the African business world.

The Forums of this edition will focus in particular on the harmful impact of plastics in our region and especially in our sea, the urgent need to achieve a circular economic system in order to develop sustainable practices in the major Mediterranean cities and in the textile industry, as well as the support of renewable energies.

Ethical business practices and gender equality will also have a central place in MedaWeek Barcelona to ensure the transition of the Mediterranean area to a leadership role at the head of 3 continents.

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